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  07 Jun , 2023 10:25


The Summer camp 2023-24 was organised "Free of cost" by SASHP Jyoti Sr. Sec. School ( Kot ), which began from 1st June and culminated on 9th June. Fun filled activities for anxious children during academic, was a delightful treat. It gave them an opportunity to learn new skills. More than 100 students enthusiastically participated from classes 5th to 10th , in different activities. This summer camp aimed at the keeping the students engaged and provided them an even platform to explore and express their creativity, in any form. They not only made memories while having fun but they were able to face their fears try new things, push their boundaries and realized self sufficiency. They were able to make new friends amidst lot of laughs and learnt team spirit. "SLICE OF SUMMER CAMP" The camp provided some hands on experiences in the following areas of activities:- 1. Yoga and Fitness 2.Art and craft 3.Non-fire cooking 4.Sports activities 5.English speaking classes 6. Dance class 7.Computer class 8. Cleanliness camp 9. Theatre and communication skills 10. Mehandi competition 11. Painting and Rangoli competition 12. Pool splash 13. Extra classes and doubt clear classes for senior students Students zealously participated and showed their diligence towards each planned activity as per day scheduled. The school also welcomed the suggestions given by the parents and applied it in summer camp. The essence of this camp was to develop a sound character of each student and ultimately the 'motto' was achieved. It was a successful camp which was earnestly appreciated not only by the students but also by their parents. All students enjoyed it.