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Enjoying every moment of learning

At Sashp Jyoti School, we offer your child a complete safe and secure environment that promotes independence, meaningful play activities, social interaction and most importantly a love for learning. The school provides a stimulating environment to help in your child’s overall growth. Our aim is to help your child master the skills needed to succeed in school and life.

Technology driven classrooms making learning interactive

The classrooms are designed to provide a multi sensory environment, vital for the growth of cognitive skills and an environment conducive for fun filled learning. The classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and done up in bright and cheerful colors that enhances spontaneity.

Stimulating environment for overall growth

Emphasis is laid on the comfort of the children, which reflects clearly in:-

Personality Development and Educational Workshops

The school regularly holds workshops especially designed for the personality development of each child. Children are exposed to different fields of artistic expression like speaking on a particular topic, drawing and coloring, dance and singing, dramatics, poem recitation, clay modeling and so on.

Stress on developing Language Skills, Etiquettes and Manners

The school has an excellent library including brightly illustrated books providing an easy and enjoyable approach to improvement in language conversation and skills. Besides education and play, emphasis is laid on teaching good manners and behavior.