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  04 Sep , 2021

Teacher's Day Celebration

To mark the birth anniversary of former Vice President and a highly respected teacher Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan; Teachers day is observed in all the schools in which students get an opportunity to make their techers feel special. Like every year, to pay respect and appreciate the profession of teaching and the teachers for their hard-work and contributions to the organization and student's life ; Teacher's Day was celebrated in the school on 4th September. A cultural event was organised by students in which students of different classes took part and showcased their talent and feelings for their teachers through speech, song, dances and skits. The Chairman, Shri Sant Bai Guru Sewanand Puri ji Mahraj (Maya Behn Ji) graced the occasion with her kind presence with other dignitaries. The efforts and eye catching performances put up by students were appreciated by all present during the event.